In 2008, legendary chef Roy Choi launched a gourmet food truck movement with Kogi in L.A. Customers on the hunt for the new and mysterious craved Kogi’s Korean-Mexican mash-ups. Kimchi quesadillas. Short rib tacos. Good food that isn’t fancy. Made with real, quality ingredients and, yes, insanely good sauces.

Now he’s on a mission to share those flavor bombs with the world.

Partnering with Ken’s Foods, we created the Kogi L.A. Street Sauce brand from scratch. Naming, packaging, website, brand video, sales materials, emails, the works.

Orders are being placed months earlier than expected. Kogi is projected to be a $15 million business in its first year.

The largest retailer in the world wants in. Now.

 Buzz is off the hook. And trust us, Roy likes buzz.

Client credit: Tim Cahalane, Roy Choi, Natasha Phan

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